Collaborative & Innovative

Project Safe Horizon provides FREE behavioral treatment, permanent housing, and support services to individuals, youth, and families subject to or living in homelessness due substance abuse and misuse. 

Awareness, Intervention, Motivation

Project AIM is a fun and innovative program driven to empower youth and young adults to take charge of their health and wellness, through life skills training, social development, and sexual health education. We AIM to provide a dedicated staff that caters to the needs and addresses the challenges within youth and young adults in the greater Jacksonville community.

Project Hepatitis AIDS and Substance Abuse Education Services

PHASES offers consistency in a time where life is the definition of inconsistent. We offer confidential one-on-one meetings, where you are, and when you’re available to talk about the challenges you face on a daily basis and how to navigate through them now, and avoid them in the future. Our goal is to help college students and young adults make informed decisions about the activities they partake in, whether that be by addressing an existing issue or stopping a problem before it starts. This part of your life can be overwhelming, but with our team by your side it doesn’t have to be.

Seeking Treatment And Recovery

Project STAR is a Community for Young Adults, and 20 somethings. Each day in our Sessions, we tackle important, challenging concerns. But we don't stop there. STAR is not boring counseling sessions - it's a wellness lifestyle that gives our young adults running access to useful tools. People in our program can handpick their wellness portfolio - you can have free therapy sessions, get tested, learn some job hunting skills, and learn how to not blow your paycheck. We help people. And we really love doing it!  Healthier whole means replace unrealistic expectations we set for ourselves for things that make us feel strong. Join the team.